The wine aromas by grape variety


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The book on wine aromas in a handy DIN A5 format

96 pages, of which 84 aroma glasses

In this reference book you will find in a clear way the taste definitions of different grape varieties. Uniquely illustrated photographically, you can get an idea of the different wines and discover your preferences.

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The book “Wine Aromas by Grape Variety” shows on 84 illustrated pages which aromas you can taste in your favorite wines. Expand your knowledge and learn about new wines from grape varieties that will please your palate.

In this handy reference book in DIN A5 format with hardcover you will find a total of 84 impressive aroma pictures of the corresponding grape varieties together with their flavor definitions. Too good to leave on the shelf, the size invites you to take it with you the next time you buy wine or visit friends.

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