Your edition of the aromas in the wine glass

Find your favorite wines among 84 grape varieties. Create your own composition of aromas in the wine glass

Format and quantity

Since not all quantities of glasses can be optimally distributed on certain formats, this process is not automated but comes to you with a proposal according to your specifications.

This proposal will be sent to you for viewing without obligation, so that you can see beforehand and also correct what you will finally get made and delivered.


There is a natural limit to the amount of aroma glasses that can be used due to the dimensions of the print. Visually, we also want to stick to certain basics as part of a recognition value.

For example, double-row prints are not appealing and focus on quantity rather than visual balance, which is why we only print single-row.


The cost of the image is determined by the dimensions of the print and the quantity of aroma glasses, as well as the chosen material, and will be communicated to you personally by e-mail.

Printing editions of the aromas in the wine glass

Get a non-binding offer

Choose from 100 images and 84 grape varieties.* We compose your edition of wine flavors according to the possible specifications.

* Please note that 16 grape varieties are identical in your pictorial representation, as the different regional names are served in the picture subtitle. You will find a list at the bottom of the page.

    For which material or materials would you like to receive a quote?

    Acrylic FineArtDibond direct printDibond FineArtCanvas (2 cm)Canvas (4 cm)Poster

    How many flavor glasses would you like to see on your set?

    How big should the print be?

    According to your chosen quantity of aroma glasses, choose the grape varieties.

    AcolonAlbariñoAlicante BouschetAuxerroisBacchusBarberaBlauburgunderBlauer WildbacherBlaufränkischBobalCabernet DorsaCabernet FrancCabernet SauvignonCarmenèreChardonnayChasselasChenin BlancCorteseDominaDornfelderElblingFrühburgunderFurmintGamay NoirGelber MuskatellerGewürztraminerGoldburgerGrauburgunderGrenacheGrüner VeltlinerGutedelHárslevelűHuxelrebeKalterersee D.O.C.KernerLagreinLembergerLindenblättrigerLuganaMalbecMalvasierMenciaMerlotMonastrellMorillonMorio-MuskatMoscato-RosaMourvèdreMüller-ThurgauMuscat OttonelMuskattrollingerNebbioloNeuburgerPetit VerdotPinot BlancPinot GrigioPinot GrisPinot MeunierPinot NoirPinotagePortugieserRegentRieslanerRieslingRivanerRoter ElblingRoter RieslingRoter VeltlinerRotgipflerRuländerSämlingSamtrotSangioveseSauvignon BlancScheurebeSchilcherSchwarzrieslingSémillionShirazSilvanerSpätburgunderSt. LaurentSt. MagdalenerSyrahTannatTauberschwarzTempranilloTeroldegoTinta BaroccaTouriga NacionalTraminerTrebbianoTrollingerVerdejoViognierWeißburgunderWelschrieslingZierfandlerZinfandelZweigelt